Director, concept Jürg Neuenschwander

Project management, concept Bruno Remund

Cinematographer Philippe Cordey

Film editor Katrin Suhren

Sound engineers Patrick Becker, Balthasar Jucker, Andreas Litmanowitsch

Music and sound mixing Peter von Siebenthal

Assistant director Stéphanie Eberle

Technical director Manuel Schüpfer

Production manager Anna Fanzun

Producer Jürg Neuenschwander



Container TV

Film and Television Productions Inc

3000 Bern 23


More on the Film

Boggsing is a joint production by Jürg Neuenschwander, Swiss film maker and producer, and his partner Bruno Remund, former director of Media Centre Schulwarte Bern and project manager. Bruno Remund initiated the film, did the fundraising, created the concept together with Jürg Neuenschwander, and was project manager. Jürg Neuenschwander was production manager, and in charge of casting and directing (filming and editing).