Boggsing – a film by Jürg Neuenschwander

Of the total population in Switzerland, some eight-hundred thousand – about ten percent of the Swiss population – cannot read or write properly although they attended obligatory schools. It is hard to believe and a staggering number:

Boggsing, the film that breaks the silence and creates a space for optimism.

Premiere & Festivals

The great premiere at Bubenberg Cinema Bern  following its successful launch at the Solothurn Film Festival and at the Festival Visions du Réel, Nyon. 

0800 47 47 47

The most important phone number, regardless of where in Switzerland you may live!

Call this number (from Switzerland only!) to be re-directed automatically to the nearest Advice Centre.


With thanks to each and every participant who stepped into the limelight, making this film possible.

Boggsen – documentary initiated by Bruno Remund; developed and realised with Swiss film maker, Jürg Neuenschwander.

More information on the production.

Download of film poster and photographs.

We are grateful to the institutions that sponsored the film.


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